PLN to Build Biomass Power Plant in West Papua

PLN to Build Biomass Power Plant in West Papua

JakartaGlobe – Bambang said sago factories needed a strong energy infrastructure to support them. The factory is to produce 100 tons of sago every day. “It is being built to handle the rising price of Papua’s staple food, which could reach Rp 18,000 per kilogram — more expensive than the sago price outside Papua, Rp 9,000,” he said.
The factory will be built in cooperation with state-owned construction company PT Barata Indonesia.

Perhutani operates a local sago plantation and will invite locals to supply the factory with raw material as well. Starch extracted from Sago trees is the most important food source in lowland West Papua and a cultural symbol of the region. Indonesia currently produces 200,000 tons of sago per year.

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